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How it works

GiveCollege is a comprehensive platform helping families afford college through education, tracking, and individual and community fundraising opportunities.

PARENTS:  Register your child with GiveCollege and start saving for college TODAY!  

It's FREE!!!

It's QUICK - see the 3 simple steps and video below

It's SAFE - contributions will be send directly to your child's 529 college savings plan

    1. Register your child’s 529 college savings plan with GiveCollege quickly and easily.  If you don't already have a 529 college savings plan you can still register your child but will not be able to start saving with GiveCollege until you add their 529 college saving plan information.  Click here for information about adding your 529 college savings plan to your child's GiveCollege profile page.  Don't know what a 529 college savings plan is?  That's OK, click here to start learning!
    2. Add events and fundraisers to your child’s GiveCollege profile to identify opportunities for friends and family to contribute to your child's 529 college savings plan and help you pay for college.  Events can be birthdays, holidays, graduations or other milestones in your child’s life; and fundraisers can be individual (such as sponsoring your child for every A they get in school, every hour they volunteer, or every goal they score in soccer), or community based.  See our fundraiser section below for more fundraiser and event ideas.
    3. Invite friends and family to contribute to your child's 529 college savings plan or just sit back and let GiveCollege do the work for you by spreading the word to your friends and family about how they can help make college affordable.  Rest assured GiveCollege sends your contributions directly to your 529 college savings plan fund manager for deposit.
    4. Check out this quick video for a step by step guide on how to register your child for GiveCollege:

  • If you DON'T HAVE A 529 PLAN YET, visit our blog for more information about how to open on quickly and easily!

FRIENDS & FAMILY:  Find a child and contribute to his or her 529 college savings plan through GiveCollege.  You don’t have to register with GiveCollege to start giving.

It's EASIER than selecting and buying a gift on line or in a store

It's CHEAPER than sales tax OR the cost of a greeting card and stamp

It's SAFER than sending a check because you know the funds will go directly to the child's 529 college savings plan

  1. Locate a child at GiveCollege using our quick and easy search page.
  2. Contribute to an upcoming event (birthday, holiday, etc.), sponsor a fundraiser, or contribute to a child's 529 college savings plan for no reason at all.  100% of the money you designate for the 529 college savings plan will be sent to that plan.  On top of your contribution, GiveCollege will charge a small administrative fee, which is cheaper than sales tax and, often, a greeting card and stamp.  For complete information on our fees, please click here.
  3. Rest assured GiveCollege sends your contribution directly to their 529 college savings plan where it will be reserved and saved to pay for college with not only your contribution, but the growth of your contribution over the years.  The parents will be notified of your contribution immediately.

1. CREATE AN EVENT: Create an event to help pay for college in your GiveCollege profile and invite friends and family to contribute to your 529 college savings plan instead of buying a traditional gift on special occasions.  Sample GiveCollege events include:

  • Baby showers
  • Christenings
  • Communions
  • Bar or bat mitzvahs
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Graduations

Need an idea for inviting friends and family to your event?  Here is a sample invite to get your thoughts going:  

"Charlie is turning 3 and I really can't believe the time has flown by so fast. How many times have you given a gift to a child who has a room full of toys that are barely played with or, as a parent, received too many gifts or duplicate gifts for your child? Well, I recently discovered and I recommend everyone with kids to sign up. This is such a great start to Charlie's future.  All of the Charlie's gifts will be securely processed and deposited into his 529-college savings plan."

Check out this video for a quick guide to creating an event:


2. CREATE A FUNDRAISER: Create a fundraiser to help pay for college and invite friends and family to sponsor your child's fundraiser.   When you close your child's fundraiser, GiveCollege will send an email to all sponsors letting them know how your child performed. Funds will be deposited into your child's 529 college savings plan.  GiveCollege fundraisers are completely unique to your child and/or family and can include:

  • Sponsor Gavin for every “A” earned this semester.
  • Sponsor Gavin for every goal scored in soccer / touchdown in football / homerun in baseball / medal in swimming / etc.
  • Sponsor Gavin for every book read over the summer.
  • Sponsor Gavin for every hour he volunteers at the local community center or at the humane society.
  • And on and on.

Check out this video for a quick guide to creating and event:  


3. JUST SIGN UP AND LET GIVECOLLEGE DO THE WORK:  Sign up and let GiveCollege spread the word to your friends and family so they can help you afford college.


Please visit our FAQ section if you have further questions or contact us.

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