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About GiveCollege

GiveCollege provides a simple way to help families afford the ever increasing cost of college tuition by educating families about the cost of college, tracking their savings versus their anticipated cost of college  and providing a comprehensive platform to fundraise for college.  Fundraising opportunities range from individual fundraising as simple as requesting contributions in lieu of traditional gifts to community and corporate fundraising for college.

GiveCollege was conceived originally conceived in 2009 when Julie Lewin, mother of 3 boys under the age of 2 at the time, was looking for a non-traditional gift for a friend’s child’s birthday. As she stared at the piles of unused toys sitting around her house, she decided she wanted to give a long-term gift that would stand the test of time. She wanted to contribute to the child’s 529 college savings plan.  She used the internet to research how to contribute to a 529 college savings plan but was unable to do so on line and without contacting the parents to get more information.  Wanting to complete her purchase in one sitting she chose (against her better judgment) to purchase a toy through the internet.

Since then GiveCollege has grown from a site where friends and family can quickly and easily contribute to a child’s 529 college savings plan in lieu of traditional gifts to a comprehensive fundraising platform allowing families many opportunities to raise money for college through friends, family, your community and your work.  At GiveCollege, we look forward to making your dreams come true by providing a place to help you make college affordable for your family.

GiveCollege Management team consists of the two co-founders Angela Merrill and Julie Lewin, both graduates from the University of Michigan, class of 1997.  After graduating, they packed up their car and headed to San Diego to begin "life-after-college."  They have been here ever since.

  • Angela Merrill, President and co-founder:  Angela Merrill is a new step-mother to Josie, who is 10 and in the 5th grade.  She is currently expecting her first natural child in early 2013 - another little girl.   Angela is an accomplished leader with extensive experience in marketing, business, team building and fiscal management.  Angela is the former Area President for K. Hovnanian Homes, a top national homebuilder; founder of The Lois Merrill Foundation, a non-profit who has raised over $150,000 for cancer research and patient assistance; and successful real estate entrepreneur.
  • Julie Lewin, co-founder: Julie Lewin is a mother of 3 boys, Gavin, Ben and Rowan ages 5 and 3 (Ben and Rowan are twins).  On top of dealing with the daily demands of being a mother-to-3, Julie is an accomplished business and real estate attorney.  She has helped San Diego companies expand nationally and internationally and has represented their interests both inside and outside of court.  Julie also raises money and advocates for children with special needs.


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